FringeNYC 2015: Steve & Marie Sgouros Theatre

Written by Carol Brown
Directed by Sarah Blush
Featuring Carol Brown, Morgan Everitt & *Jessica Frey

Set by Margaux Maeght
Costumes by Christopher Metzger
Lights by Reza Behjat

Spring of 2014, Wisconsin. A basement. Two young girls threaten the life of a friend in order to prove themselves to Slender Man. Before that, Chekhov created Masha and Natasha. Where did the time go?

"Sarah Blush directs with a precision that creates a haunting sort of beauty even in the ugliest moments; her direction coupled with the excellent design team left me feeling in very capable hands, even as the story was taking chaotic and unsettling turns"  --Theatre Is Easy

Featured in TimeOut's 28 shows to check out at the Fringe Festival