Conceived, Directed & Choreographed by Sarah Blush and Ali Perkins

C.O.W. Theatre; Dixon Place 2015

Featuring: Shani Bekt, Marcela Biven, Gabe Milligan-Green, Ali Perkins, Chris Rehmann & Michael Ring

Music by Ian Arnold
Lights by Ken Wills

Still Life with Apples considers how and when relationships expire. Drawing from religious, historical, and culturally significant images of fruit, Still Life with Apples examines the messes people make of each other and themselves. Based on real couples’ stories of intimacy and mutual destruction, and drawing from the form of still life, the piece picks apart our desire to remember and preserve moments, and the difficulty we have with returning to those moments as our present circumstances change. A balance of precise choreography and pedestrian movement found through improvisation create an experience both heightened and relatable. Featuring original music by Brooklyn-based composer Ian Arnold, Still Life with Apples is a funny, sensuous, and poignant look at the dire emotions wrapped up in love and loss, and an investigation of what makes it all so sticky.

"A breath of fresh air...whirlwind of a show...raw, provocative, and cleverly crafted in great detail" --FringeReview