se̱hn·sucht (noun): inconsolable longing in the human heart for we know not what
In this collaboratively-created play by blossoming theater company TV, the ensemble unpacks the longing one can feel for another time and place, whether real or imagined: childhood, years without war, early human history, a time when everyone enjoyed the outdoors and raised chickens and heard gossip from the neighbors, when strawberries were tiny and sour. With choral odes by Deepali Gupta, this whimsical show hops millennia in its exploration of what once was or never was at all.  

“A dementedly daffy piece of fun…This is the kind of memory you want to have.” - Laura Collins-Hughes, The New York Times

Created by TV

Directed by Sarah Blush
Written by Michael Norton, with Sarah Blush and Brian Bock
Music and Lyrics by Deepali Gupta

Featuring: Brian Bock, Matthew Bovee, Sean Carvajal*, Bree Elrod*, Peregrine Heard*, Georgia Lee King, Caitlin Morris, Margaret Odette*

Set by Brittany Vasta
Costumes by Christopher Metzger
Lights by Ken Wills
Sound by John Gasper
Props by Rhys Roffey
Produced by Caroline Gart & Ryan Gedrich
Stage Manager Michelle Navis
Technical Director Drew Francis
Assistant Lighting Designer Matthew Kresch
Assistant Costume Designer: Maddie Peterson

Production support provided by The Habitat.