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“A dementedly daffy piece of fun…performed by an excellent cast with did-they-really-just-do-that abandon…‘Nostalgia is an inexact science.’ But Sehnsucht navigates it beautifully. Running for only a few more performances, it will give you a warm glow in the fleeting moment it’s here, and in the depth of its young talent make you feel rosily optimistic about the future. This is the kind of memory you want to have.”


"Remarkably authentic and just ridiculous...nothing short of profound, an excellent case of depth exploding out of comedy"


Culturebot: My Favorite Character Was the Talking Vase

Theatre Is Easy: Still Life with Apples

“Moving… a kaleidoscopic view of contemporary relationships and shared existence… hyper-articulate with the beautifully uncomplicated, and at times heartbreaking, gestures of everyday life” 

Fringe Review: Still Life with Apples

“Steamy, smart, and seductive…a breath of fresh air…whirlwind of a show…raw, provocative, and cleverly crafted in great detail” 

Theatre Is Easy: masha masha Natasha

“As if I had walked through a psychological haunted house…Sarah Blush directs with a precision that creates a haunting sort of beauty even in the ugliest moments; her direction coupled with the excellent design team left me feeling in very capable hands, even as the story was taking chaotic and unsettling turns” 

Time Out: masha masha Natasha

WORKS BY WOMEN: masha masha natasha & still life with apples