Conceived by Sarah Blush & Michael Norton

HERE Summer Sublet Series 2015

Produced by Rachel Christiansen
Directed by Sarah Blush
Written by Michael Norton, Sarah Blush, and the cast

Set by Brittany Vasta
Costumes by Ntokozo Kunene
Lighting by Ken Wills

Featuring Kate Abbruzzese, Brian Bock, *Jessica Frey & Georgia King

My Favorite Character Was the Talking Vase is a lens on legacy.  An amalgamation of honest fact and ridiculous fiction, it considers how we position ourselves within the larger framework of history, and how history positions us. Drawing from academic texts, art, and public knowledge about culturally significant figures, and with an interest in figures we do not know or have forgotten, My Favorite Character Was the Talking Vase is a heavily researched exploration of identity, immortality, and personal agency.  Vying for the audience’s attention and compassion are Mia Hamm, Charlotte Brontë, and the father of binomial nomenclature. In the midst of performance, the last vestige of an earlier draft of the play — an endearing yet morbid young Boy Scout — derails the production in an attempt to revive the previous version that originated him.  With an innocent yearning to be liked, a human desire to live on, and a hubristic need to be remembered, these driven individuals shape, distort, and find themselves subject to perception as they are forced to confront their own senses of self.  My Favorite Character Was the Talking Vase is a new work about how we invent ourselves and re-invent others.

Photography by David Andrako